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Do I need a visa for Vietnam?
Most nationals need a visa for Vietnam. However, for some nationals and under certain conditions no visa is required. Please check the tables below:

No visa is required, for short stays only, for citizens of the following countries:
Country maximum stay
United Kingdom (not BNO), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Japan, South Korea 45 days
Myanmar, Brunei 14 days
Philippines 21 days
Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Thailand 30 days
But please note the following:

• There must be 1 month between visits. Otherwise you still need a visa.

• British National Overseas passport holders will need a visa.

No visa is required for a visit to Phu Quoc (maximum 30 days)
But please not that if you like to visit mainland Vietnam after your visit in Phu Quoc you will need a visa.
And if you have a stop over in mainland Vietnam, before your arrival in Phu Quoc, you will also need a visa.
Can I travel to Vietnam without visa and buy one at the border?
No. You will need to apply for a visa before you travel to Vietnam. Without visa you will be denied entrance into Vietnam.
Do my children and baby need a visa?
A visa is required for children and babies having their own passport.
If your child/baby does not have their own passport, you need to apply for them, but this is free of charge. Please contact us for details.
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(personal details have been removed)

E-VISA explained
In 2017 the Vietnamese government has launched the new E-VISA service. It is now available for 157 nationalities and for arrival in Vietnam overland, by sea or airplane.
The E-VISA is an electronic visa that you order online and receive by email. You print it out and bring with you to Vietnam. At the Vietnamese border you show your E-VISA and passport. You will then be allowed entry into Vietnam.

E-visa are available for 1 month or 3 months stay, single or multiple entries.
Can I get an E-VISA?

You can apply for an E-VISA for Vietnam if you meet the following 2 requirements:

1. You have a passport of one of the following 157 countries:

You arrive at one of the following border gates. Not sure where is which border gate? Please check the border map.
I am traveling/living abroad. Can I order an E-VISA?
Yes. You can apply from anywhere in the world. We will send you the E-VISA by email. You print this out and bring with you to Vietnam.
I arrive by airplane in Vietnam. Can I order an E-VISA?

Yes you can if you are in the nationalities list eligible for e-visa.

I am on a cruise ship and have multiple entries to Vietnam. Can I apply for an e-visa?

Yes you can. Please order a 1 month multiple entry visa or a 3 months multiple entry visa. Please check in the entry gates list below that it mentiones your ports of arrival:

The border crossing I intend to take is not mentioned in the list of border crossings. Can I use the E-VISA?

No. Please use a border crossing that allows E-VISA. If not possible you will need to apply for your visa at a Vietnamese consulate.

Can I enter Vietnam at another border crossing than mentioned on my E-VISA?

NO, you should arrive at the border crossing mentioned on your E-VISA. If you arrive at another border crossing entry to Vietnam may be refused.

Which visa types are available?
1 month single entry, 1 month multiple entries, 3 months single entry and 3 months multiple entries
All visitor categories can apply, including tourists, visiting relatives and business travellers.
Are business visa available?
Yes, you can order E-visa for business visits.
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How do I apply for the E-VISA?
The procedure is as follows:
  1. Apply online on our website and pay the visa fee.
We need your travel, passport and some personal details. Also have ready a photo of your passport and yourself for upload (JPG or PNG format)
  2. The Vietnamese immigration office will check and process your visa application.
  3. After 5 working days (or 1 working day with our RUSH service) you will receive your E-VISA by email in PDF format. You need to print this out and bring with you to Vietnam.
  4. Travel to Vietnam. Show the e-visa at the border gate. You will then be allowed entrance to Vietnam. If you fly by plane you will also need to show your e-visa during check-in.
How long before arrival in Vietnam can I apply for my E-VISA?
You can apply up to 6 months before arrival in Vietnam.
I do not know yet at which border gate I will arrive. Can I apply for an E-VISA?
No. You should arrive at the border gate you select. It will be shown on your E-VISA. Arriving at another border gate might cause problems with entry to Vietnam.
Please make sure you arrive at a border gate that is mentioned in the border gate list below. Not sure where is which border gate? Please check the border gate map.
I do not know my exact arrival date. Can I already apply for a visa?
You will need to select a start date when you apply for your visa. If you are not sure then please select the first possible date you may arrive. You are allowed to arrive later than the visa start date. But please note that the visa expiry date is fixed and will not change if you arrive later.
Can I arrive in Vietnam earlier than my visa start date?
NO. This is not allowed.
Can I arrive in Vietnam later than my visa start date?
Yes, you may arrive on any date during the period that your visa is valid.
Please note that your visa expiry date will not change if you arrive later! For example: you applied for a visa with start date 5 April. You arrive on 15 April. You will then have 21 days left to visit Vietnam and need to leave Vietnam latest on 5 May.
Can I change the visa start date, after I have received the E-VISA?

We can not change the E-VISA. We are obliged to apply for a new E-VISA if you like to change the visa start date.

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What is the price of an E-VISA?
For the standard 5 working days delivery time prices are as follows:
1 month single entry US$ 59.00
1 month multiple entry US$ 109.00
3 months single entry US$ 69.00
3 months multiple entry US$ 119.00

⇒ For RUSH visa, 1 working day delivery time, please add 50 US$.
For half day service please call us. This is only available from Mondays till Fridays (Vietnam working hours).
Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Paypal and bank transfer.

My card payment was not successful. What should I do?
Occasionally you might experience problems when trying to pay with debit or credit card. In that case please contact us by email or phone, and we will assist you in getting your payment through. We can also send you a separate payment link by email.
After payment on the website (step 3) I am not being redirected to step 4 (payment confirmation). Was my payment successful?
Occasionally this happens, but in most cases the payment has been successful. If in doubt then please contact us by email or phone and we will check immediately.